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Top 5 Crunch Fitness Plans For Beginners

Whether you’re a gym newbie or getting back into fitness after an extended hiatus, setting up a routine can feel intimidating. However, sticking with a workout schedule is essential for maintaining consistency and progress.

Start with simple movements that require minimal equipment like walking and jogging or bodyweight exercises. These will help you build strength without the added strain on your joints.

1. Strength Training

While walking into a gym can be intimidating, the right attitude and supportive community can transform your apprehension into achievement. Having clear goals is key, and choosing the right exercises is equally as important. For beginners, basic movements like squats and lunges, push-ups, and rows are ideal for targeting major muscle groups. Having the right equipment is essential, too – but you don’t need fancy machines or heavy weights to start. Bodyweight, dumbbells, and even resistance bands are adequate to get you started.

As you become more experienced with your fitness, you can progress to higher-intensity workouts that focus on specific muscles or muscle groups. Beginners should focus on building strength and endurance and should only increase the number of reps, sets, or weights when they feel significant exertion.

It can be helpful to break up your training sessions by targeting different muscle groups two days in a row. This allows your body to recover between sessions, which is important for muscle growth and avoiding injury.

Another way to increase your exercise level is by taking a class at Crunch. The gym’s diverse and carefully curated list of gold-standard group fitness classes are ideal for all exercisers, including beginners. From cycling to cardio kickboxing to a yoga-based strength-building class called Yoga Body Sculpt, there’s something for everyone!

Regardless of your preferred workout style, there’s no denying the importance of strength training. It’s not only effective for building lean muscle mass, but it also helps strengthen the bones, which improves the quality of life as you age. In addition, it prevents bone loss and speeds up the recovery time after injuries. To learn more, check out Crunch’s free online strength training videos.

2. Yoga

Yoga is the most popular form of group fitness workout and shows no signs of slowing down. This type of exercise has a reputation for being calming and meditative, but it is a full-body workout that builds strength and improves posture and flexibility. It can also help beginners reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Whether you prefer a gentle and mindful workout or a more athletic class, Crunch (1-week free trial here) offers a wide range of yoga options. Beginners should start with a basic class such as Flow 20 or Hatha Yoga to learn the fundamentals of the exercises and get comfortable in a class environment. Once they feel confident, beginners can progress to more challenging classes like Om HIIT or Mana Flow Yoga.

Regular cardio is an essential part of any workout plan. It helps strengthen the heart and lungs and promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Many beginners can be intimidated by the machines and equipment at a gym, but Crunch (1-week free trial here) has a wide variety of group fitness classes that offer an easy way to get your heart rate up.

Beginners can enjoy the benefit of being in a group workout with other members while working at their own pace. This is a great way to experience new types of exercise, meet motivated and supportive people in the fitness community, and have fun! It is important to remember that working out is more than just a physical activity, but a social and mental health experience as well.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a top-notch cardio workout, burning up to 400 calories per hour, and strengthening your lower body (hips, knees, and ankles). It also helps tone muscles in the legs, butt, and glutes. Plus, it’s a low-impact exercise that can be done outside or on a stationary bike at home or in a studio.

When it comes to choosing a beginner fitness plan, finding one that aligns with your existing schedule is key. “The more familiar a training plan is, the more likely it will stick,” says George Ganough, USA-certified cycling coach and owner of Otterhaus Training. “If you go and pick something radically different, you can risk injury, or it can be hard to commit to because you haven’t gotten a feel for the routine.”

A 12-week plan will give you enough time to see whether the plan works for your lifestyle and goals. Aim for a plan that gradually increases your distance and intensity. You can even find a program that allows you to do your ride at the same times each day, so it’s easy to integrate into your daily life.

Taking advantage of all that your gym has to offer is also crucial for beginners. From free weights and squat racks to a range of cardio machines, Crunch (7-day free trial) offers a variety of workout options that can support any beginner fitness goal. Typical classes include yoga, a range of cycle classes, and a number of HIIT options.

Rhythm cycling, for example, features motivating instructors and modern musical hits to make your heart race while you burn through calories. These classes are fun, effective, and a great way to get started with group exercise.

4. Zumba

If you enjoy music, love to dance, and want a fun, social fitness experience, then Zumba may be the perfect workout for you. This popular group dance class uses Latin-inspired songs to guide you through a full-body cardio workout. Each song typically starts out slower to help you warm up, then builds in intensity as it moves toward the end of the workout. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, you can benefit from the easy-to-follow choreography and supportive community that Zumba offers.

Because it is a calorie-burning cardio workout, you’ll probably work up quite a sweat in your first few classes. For this reason, it is important to wear comfortable, moisture-wicking clothes that will allow you to move freely without restriction.

Zumba also has several options for people with varying fitness levels and abilities, including Zumba Gold (lower intensity) for older adults and kids, Zumba Toning (a low-impact circuit workout using resistance bands), and Zumba In the Circuit (uses light weights to add strength training to familiar Zumba dance moves). If you are concerned about the intensity of the class or have a health condition that may prevent you from participating, talk to your healthcare provider before taking a Zumba class.

While workout classes can be challenging, they are a great way to gain confidence in the gym. They provide support and motivation, as well as measurable results, that are often difficult to achieve on your own. To get started, try Crunch’s 7-day free trial to discover all of the group exercise and HIIT classes available. Our trainers can even provide one-on-one guidance to ensure you get the most out of your workout.

5. Cardio

Cardio, or aerobic exercise, helps you burn calories and improves your heart health by getting the oxygen-rich blood flowing to the rest of the body. Whether you choose to lift weights, do yoga or go for a one-mile jog, cardiovascular exercise can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including helping you sleep better, which can also aid in weight loss and boost energy levels.

Aim to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day for the best results. You can do this in short bursts throughout the week or in a few long sessions. It’s important to take time to warm up with a low-intensity activity, such as a brisk walk or a light jog.

When doing cardio, aim to reach a moderate intensity. “You’ll know you’re exercising at a moderate intensity if you can hold a conversation without gasping for breath,” says Crunch Fitness personal trainer Mike Jonesco. To find your target heart rate for aerobic exercise, subtract your age from 220 and then multiply it by 0.6.

To maximize your workout, try adding in a few short bouts of high-intensity cardio exercises like the popular Shaun T workout, Transform 20, or Tabata. These exercises, which incorporate all-out, 20 to 120-second bursts of high-intensity cardio, will help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time and also challenge your muscles in ways that traditional long, slow cardio workouts cannot.

For more challenging workouts, Crunch offers group exercise classes such as Cardio Tai Box Loaded and Demolished that will have your heart pumping. These classes mix a variety of bodyweight and machine exercises that will make your legs and core scream for more. From squats to barbell lifts, these challenging moves can be modified for beginners and advanced alike, so that everyone can push themselves to the next level.


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