How Can an Angioplasty Diet Chart Help You?

After undergoing angioplasty, you need to follow a heart-healthy diet. This will reduce your risk of heart problems and heart failure. A healthy diet after angioplasty includes whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Prebiotic Benefiber

Why Is Prebiotic Benefiber Important?

Both Benefiber and Metamucil are soluble fiber supplements that increase the bulk of stool, leading to more regular and comfortable bowel movements. However, they differ slightly in their ingredients and functions. Probiotics promote healthy bacteria


How to Take the Headache Out of NOW INULIN

Enhance your gut health with “NOW Inulin“! Our organic, non-GMO prebiotic powder nourishes beneficial bacteria, supports intestinal function, and adds a mild sweetness to your favorite foods and drinks. Migraines are a chronic condition, but

Garden of Life Prebiotic Fiber

Why Should You Choose Garden of Life Prebiotic Fiber?

Nourish your gut with “Garden of Life Prebiotic Fiber“! Our specially formulated blend includes 5g of organic prebiotic fiber from nutritious superfoods, designed to support a healthy microbiome. Garden of Life Prebiotic Fiber While dietary

What Is AXOS FIBER and How Does It Work?

Arabinoxylans and AXOS fiber stimulate the gut microbiome and impact its metabolic answer, supporting gut health. They also promote a stronger immune response, protecting against oxidative stress and chronic diseases. Metabolic investigations using the SHIME

Gogo Prebiotic

What Are the Benefits of Using Gogo Prebiotic?

Experience digestive harmony with “Gogo Prebiotic“! Our delicious gummies are packed with inulin fiber from chicory root, promoting gut health and regularity. They’re the perfect vegan-friendly, non-GMO choice for supporting weight management and nurturing good

Fried Beans

The Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Fried Beans

Beans are a boon for our gut, feeding the good bacteria that help with digestion and vitamin production. They are also rich in minerals like iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium. They’re naturally fat-free and cfpholesterol-free