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Seek immediate, expert care for non-life-threatening emergencies with Health Urgent Care. Our 24/7 facilities offer quick, compassionate service for acute illnesses and injuries, ensuring you get the right treatment when you need it most. Your health can’t wait—find relief today

Getting medical care should always start with your primary care provider, who knows your history and can best determine what type of Health Urgent Care you need. But for certain situations, a quick visit to an urgent care center or hospital emergency department may be necessary.

In partnership with Urgent Team Family of Urgent Care & Walk-in Centers, Baptist Health now offers several convenient locations throughout Arkansas. Learn more about these convenient, affordable healthcare options.

Same-Day Care

Health Urgent Care is proud to provide same-day care for many illnesses and injuries. This includes urgent but non-life-threatening conditions like coughs, colds and ear infections; sore throats and upper respiratory ailments; minor burns and sprains; and minor wound repair.

Located throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana, these clinics are operated by local physicians with expertise in treating all ages of patients. Average wait times at these locations are under 30 minutes. In addition, these centers offer a range of services, including routine lab tests, vaccinations and physicals.

Your primary care provider (PCP) should always be your first choice for healthcare. as they know your medical history and can provide you with the best treatment plan for your situation. However, if you have a medical condition that is not life-threatening and can’t wait for an appointment at your PCP’s office, we recommend using our online Find a Provider tool to locate an in-network urgent care location or emergency department.

If your symptoms require a higher level of care, we also offer the only hospital-based helicopter crew in Arkansas. Our Med Flight Helicopter Team responds to traumas at the scene and transports patients to a hospital for higher-level care. We also have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for infants who need specialized care. Whether you need a diagnostic procedure or a medical evaluation, our skilled radiologists and X-ray technicians are ready to help. Their expertise ensures you get the right test and the correct diagnosis – with as little discomfort as possible.

Online Appointments

Baptist Health offers convenient online appointments so you can see a provider from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. These virtual visits are available for patients age 1 and older and can be done using your smartphone, tablet or computer. To get started, log in to MyChart – your free patient portal combining all of your medical records into one location. To make a visit, click on the menu and select “Urgent Care Video Visit”.

We understand that when you have an urgent, but non-life-threatening illness or injury, you need to receive quality care quickly. That is why we offer a fast, easy, and affordable alternative to the emergency room. Always call 911 for life-threatening emergencies and contact your primary care physician (PCP) first if you have an ongoing issue. They know your entire medical history and can often treat you right away during a regular office visit, saving you time and money.

Online Appointments


As a health system, we want to make it as easy for patients to access care as possible. That’s why we are proud to offer a variety of virtual medical services including urgent care video visits .

and telehealth E-Visits for minor illnesses and injuries.

In addition, our virtual care providers are able to provide screening for coronavirus symptoms that do not warrant an Emergency Room visit.

Virtual visits are a safe, quick and convenient way to see a healthcare provider. They are offered through MyChart, our secure telehealth platform that maintains patient privacy and confidentiality.

The first step in scheduling a virtual appointment is to log into your MyChart account on your computer or mobile device. Once you are in MyChart, click on “Appointments” and select “Urgent Care Video Visit.”

Then, choose the clinic of your choice and request an appointment time. It only takes minutes to get connected to a healthcare provider. Once you are connected, the healthcare provider will review your symptoms and provide a diagnosis. If necessary, the healthcare provider can also order tests and prescribe medications through a virtual lab. Once the prescription is received, you can stop by your local pharmacy to pick up your medication.

For many patients, a virtual visit is just as effective as in-person treatment. In fact, some patients prefer it.

For instance, one mother of an autistic child says that a virtual visit with her child’s physician was much easier for her than taking him to a pediatrician or psychiatric office.


To help meet the needs of our patients, we are introducing Care On Demand, a new telemedicine service that connects.

It’s easy to use — just download the free Care On Demand app, provide some basic information .

and get connected in minutes. You can even use the app to get your prescription sent directly to the pharmacist.

Our virtual services are another way we’re supporting our patients during this challenging time .

when people are being urged to practice social distancing and limit their travel.And because they’re backed by the Baptist system of hospitals and other facilities, you can trust that our services are quality-assured.


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