Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Tissue Regeneration Therapy With SoftWave

Turn off pain and turn on your body’s innate healing abilities with Shorewood Elite Healthcare’s non-invasive Tissue Regeneration Therapy with SoftWave. This patented and FDA-approved device reaches the injured area at the cellular level to promote healing, increase blood supply, decrease inflammation, and recruit dormant stem cells.

This treatment only lasts 10-15 minutes, doesn’t require any needles or numbing agents, and offers no downtime. It’s the future of pain management and injury healing.

Improved Mobility

SoftWave is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that can address many chronic and debilitating conditions. This patented technology can reach the cellular level and activate your body’s natural healing response to repair the injury and regenerate new tissue.

This specialized device emits sound waves into the injured tissue to stimulate your body’s stem cells to regenerate new tissue and heal the wound. The sound waves also encourage the release of endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals. In addition, it promotes granulation tissue to close the wound faster and more effectively.

Our team is one of the few in the Western Slope to offer this cutting-edge regenerative treatment. Unlike surgical procedures, which carry major risks and require extensive downtime, SoftWave is non-invasive, so you can return to your daily activities shortly after your treatment.

We use SoftWave Therapy to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, including tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, trigger finger, carpal tunnel and more. The benefits from this regenerative treatment extend beyond reducing pain, inflammation and swelling, as it also increases mobility.

SoftWave Therapy can help patients with a variety of chronic and debilitating injuries and conditions, including fibromyalgia, tendonitis, sciatica, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, scleroderma, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This innovative treatment uses a patented device to deliver acoustic wave energy into the affected area to stimulate your body’s stem cells to regrow and repair the tissue and nerves. This technology can also improve your mobility by increasing blood flow to the affected area.

The acoustic waves emitted by the SoftWave device are unique in that they penetrate into deep tissue structures without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues. This allows your doctor to target the specific site of injury or ailment and provide a targeted, effective treatment.

The treatment itself lasts 10-15 minutes and is completely non-invasive. Our doctors first apply a gel to the affected area of your body before they place the SoftWave applicator onto the skin. Most patients experience a feeling similar to a tapping or pulsing sensation. Unlike other extracorporeal shockwave therapies, SoftWave does not use needles or anesthesia, so it is safe for virtually anyone to receive.

Improved Mobility

Reduced Pain

This revolutionary treatment is an alternative to injection, surgery and medication and helps trigger the body’s natural healing process to reduce pain. Often, the first session provides dramatic relief.

SoftWave is an FDA-cleared, noninvasive device that uses patented shockwave technology to promote the body’s innate healing response and increase circulation. It is scientifically validated to recruit and activate stem cells, allowing the body to truly heal itself.

This is the same technology that is used by doctors to crush kidney stones and it has been repurposed for use in our practice to help patients suffering from painful musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain and degeneration, and neuropathic pain caused by diabetes or chemotherapy. Our patients have experienced dramatic results with only one or two treatments and without the need for medications.

The treatment is similar to a deep tissue massage but instead of using our hands, it uses high-energy sound waves to penetrate the tissues at a very low intensity level. The body responds to these acoustic signals by releasing stem cells at the site of injury. This re-vascularizes the area by increasing blood flow and stimulates the growth of new tissue to repair damage caused by an injury.

Our patients have reported improved range of motion, diminished musculoskeletal symptoms, reduction of chronic pain and decreased inflammation. Additionally, the pain-free lifestyle achieved with TRT SoftWave has allowed them to return to their daily activities and normalize their quality of life.

TRT OrthoGold SoftWave Therapy (labeled MTS Sparkwave in Europe) is a revolutionary breakthrough treatment for painful musculoskeletal conditions, chronic and degenerative ailments, and neuropathic pain caused by chemo or radiation. Rigorous testing in Europe and now available at our Liberty Park location, this patented treatment is safe and effective for all ages without needles, anesthesia, medicine or expensive hospitalization. Unlike most regenerative therapies, this treatment has the unique capability to promote the body’s innate healing process and activate endogenous stem cells with a unique and powerful feedback mechanism. This enables the treatment to identify the “cause of pain” and provide targeted, specific treatment.

Reduced Inflammation

Tissue Regeneration Therapy with SoftWave helps reduce inflammation, allowing your body to heal faster than it would without this breakthrough technology. The shockwaves stimulate collagen synthesis, increase the movement of small blood vessels and enhance tissue elasticity resulting in the elongation and strengthening of the affected tissues. These effects on the surrounding tissue also help to break down scar tissue and promote a decrease in pain and stiffness.

SoftWave uses electrohydraulic spark gap technology based on the same shock wave generation used in lithotripsy (crushing kidney stones) to provide non-invasive, drug free regenerative treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. The system’s patented parabolic reflector applicator delivers low intensity, unfocused waves to the area of injury or pain. SoftWave energy reaches the injured tissue and is absorbed, triggering your own body’s innate healing response, which brings stem cells to the site of injury and accelerates healing.

Inflammation is a natural process that protects the body by removing foreign material from the injury, increasing blood flow to the affected area and signaling us through pain that something is wrong. However, when the inflammatory process lasts too long, it can cause damage to our joints and muscles and even lead to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.

The patented shock wave generation method used by SoftWave is able to create high-energy, non-focused waves that stimulate your own body’s innate healing response, bringing stem cells to the site of injury and accelerating healing. This is a significant difference from regenerative injection therapies like PRP and cortisone, which require additional steps and can cause side effects such as infection and bruising.

SoftWave therapy can be performed in our office for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions including shoulder, wrist, elbow and knee problems, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, chronic osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. The therapy takes 10-15 minutes and is a simple procedure that doesn’t require the use of numbing gels or anesthesia. After a gel is applied to the area of injury, the shockwaves are delivered through the specialized SoftWave applicator and can be felt as a tapping or pulsing sensation.

Reduced Downtime

Unlike invasive surgical procedures, SoftWave therapy is non-invasive and does not require incisions or anesthesia. Instead, the patented technology uses shockwaves to promote natural healing at the cellular level. This allows your body to naturally heal the injured tissue, reduce pain and swelling, and restore elasticity to the affected area without medications or surgery. The therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions such as neuropathy, diabetic nerve pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder tendonitis, tennis elbow, back pain and knee pain.

During each treatment session, the therapist will position the device over the injured or painful area of your body. You will feel a slight tapping or vibration sensation during the procedure, but it is very comfortable and painless. The procedure lasts less than 30 minutes. This specialized treatment is not just for professional athletes and weekend warriors, but is also used by patients suffering from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative diseases, autoimmune disorders and more.

The unique design of the SoftWave device provides a high-intensity, low-frequency sound wave that is able to penetrate deep into the tissues, stimulating and activating dormant stem cells. These stem cells are known as the repairmen of your body and they are responsible for repairing injuries, decreasing inflammation, and accelerating the healing process.

After each treatment, your body’s innate healing abilities will be put to work, producing new blood vessels, collagen and elastin to increase the strength of the tissue, and breaking down scar tissue to improve mobility. You can see lasting results from one session, but for optimal benefits and long-term healing, it is recommended to have 6 treatments over a six-week period.

If you are interested in learning more about the cutting-edge Tissue Regeneration Therapy with SoftWave, contact us today to schedule your initial evaluation. Our team of healthcare professionals is ready to guide you along your journey toward better health and vitality.

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