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How Can You Find the Best Keto Options at Starbucks?

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Keto Options at Starbucks

You can still enjoy many of your favorite Starbucks drinks on the keto diet. The key is to avoid all syrups (including sugar-free ones) and dairy, and to choose low carb options for sweeteners.

Stick with simple drinks that are easy to make Keto-friendly. For example, order a black coffee or an espresso and add your own keto-friendly sweetener at the counter.

Keto Options

Espresso or Brewed Coffee

If you’re craving a quick coffee pick-me-up, a cup of black espresso or brewed coffee is a simple keto option. Just make sure to ask for no syrup and add a sweetener of your choice (stevia or monk fruit, per Healthline). Espresso Con Panna (3g Net Carbs) is another delicious espresso-based drink that’s keto friendly. You can get this as-is or add a light layer of sugar-free whipped cream (see below) for a sweeter version.

If a sweeter beverage is what you want, the iced toasted vanilla oatmilk shaken espresso is an excellent keto-friendly option that can be made in a to-go cup. It’s a blend of oat milk and brewed espresso that’s topped with toasted vanilla flavor, making it a delicious — and carb-free — way to start your day.

Similarly, an iced caffe mocha can be a good keto choice when you’re in the mood for a warm drink. It’s a blended coffee with oat milk, brewed espresso, and toasted vanilla flavor, and it’s topped with whipped cream for a sweet treat. However, as with all Starbucks drinks, you need to watch out for the syrup and add-ins, as many of them contain high amounts of sugar.

In addition to avoiding the syrups, you’ll also want to skip the caramel and sugary flavors that come with this drink. If you do want a little sweetness, try asking for a pump or two of their sugar-free vanilla syrup, as noted by the Keto Minimalist.

You can also get a iced caffe mocha without the whipped cream or caramel to reduce its carb count even more. This is a great option for when you’re on the go and don’t have time to make a drink at home.

When it comes to bottled water, it’s best to stick with something simple. There are several options that are keto-friendly, including the naturally bubbly and unflavored Dasani or Ethos brands of water, which have 0 grams of carbohydrates per bottle. You can also grab a container of Spindrift’s naturally sweetened sparkling waters, which are flavored with stevia or sucralose and contain only 1 gram of sugar per serving.


While a keto diet may seem challenging when it comes to food, there are some options at Starbucks that can help you stay keto. These include a boiled egg protein box, moon cheese, and the charcuterie tray. These options are low in carbs and are an excellent choice if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to make an additional stop for your meal.

For drinks, a basic black coffee is a good option as it’s completely carb-free. You can also order a brewed tea (strawberry pear green, jade citrus mint, or earl grey) that is also carb-free. Just be sure to choose sugar-free sweetener instead of one of the flavored syrups or whipped cream to keep it keto-friendly.

A latte is another drink that can easily be made keto friendly by replacing the milk with heavy cream, half and half, or almond milk. Just be sure to avoid soy, coconut, and oat milk because they contain too many carbohydrates. You can also add a little sugar-free vanilla syrup or stevia to sweeten the drink without adding too many carbs.

The whipped cream at Starbucks is high in fat but has a lot of sugar, so you will want to ask for no whip or a light topping. You can also try adding a little cinnamon or cocoa powder to the beverage if it suits your taste.

If you’re looking for something with more protein, a boiled egg protein box is an excellent option as it contains 6 grams of net carbs per serving. You can also order a small bowl of the Charcuterie Tray which is low in carbs and includes smoked turkey, chicken, and cheese.

Starbucks does offer a few snacks that are suitable for the keto diet, such as the granola bar or the almond croissant. However, they are not very filling so it’s a good idea to get these on an empty stomach or save them for later. Bottled water is always a great choice at Starbucks because it is low in carbs. There are a few different brands that you can choose from including Dasani, Spindrift, and Ethos.


A latte is one of the most popular options on the Starbucks menu and it can also be keto-friendly. Just make sure you choose a drink with a splash of heavy cream, which has fewer carbs per ounce than half and half. Avoid alternatives like soy, almond or coconut milk which have added sugar. If the drink is iced, ask for no syrup and add sweetness with stevia or monk fruit sweetener instead.

Another option is to try a shaken iced tea, like the Pink Drink, which has only two grams of carbohydrates and comes with a light dusting of powdered cinnamon. If you want to make it even sweeter, add a pump of sugar-free vanilla syrup, reports Women’s Health.

If you are a fan of Frappuccinos, which come in many flavors and are often sweetened with caramel or white chocolate, be aware that these drinks contain 43 grams of carbohydrates in a grande size, reports the New York Times. You can still get some flavor with a Double Shot on Ice, which is two espresso shots mixed with a splash of milk and poured over ice.

The classic grande Caramel Macchiato has three pumps of vanilla and a caramel drizzle, so it is not good for ketosis. However, one Reddit user claims to have figured out a way to order this drink without the excess sugar, which can help keep your carb count low. You can ask for a creme brulee cappuccino and substitute the vanilla syrup with stevia or sugar-free vanilla syrup (which is not listed on the official menu).

Starbucks is famous for their Frappuccinos, but it’s easy to cut back on carbs in these drinks by choosing one of the simple options above. Avoid any drinks with added sweeteners, including caramel, chocolate shavings and cookie crumbles, and skip the fancy toppings like mocha swirls or whipped cream.


A Frappuccino may be one of the most tempting items on the Starbucks menu, but it is also not a great choice for keto dieters. The basic espresso Frappuccino has 43 grams of carbs in a grande size, making it well over the keto diet’s 30 gram limit per day. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to make the popular drink more keto friendly.

Start by avoiding the sugary ingredients found in many Starbucks drinks. This includes all dairy milk options (whole, nonfat, and 2%), almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. You should also avoid any whipped cream toppings, as they contain significant amounts of sugar. The best option for a Frappuccino is to get a double blended ice coffee, and then ask for 3-4 pumps of sugar-free syrup in place of the Frappuccino base. This will create a drink that tastes very similar to a classic Frappuccino, but it won’t be nearly as high in carbs.

Another good trick is to substitute the dairy milk in a frappuccino with heavy cream. This is a simple swap that will make most Starbucks beverages keto-friendly, and it will also improve the drink’s texture. For a sweet flavor, you can add a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon to your drink.

Avoid the flavored syrups, as these tend to be higher in carbs than standard syrup. You can ask for the drink to be made without any syrup, or you can use a sugar-free syrup such as stevia instead. You should also avoid any flavored toppings such as chocolate shavings, cookie crumbles, or candy pieces as they contain high levels of sugar.

While there are many low-carb options on the Starbucks menu, it is still a good idea to stick with the basics when possible. The list of 35 keto Starbucks drinks above will help you find options that are both tasty and satisfying.

In addition to enjoying coffee and tea at Starbucks, you can also enjoy these keto-friendly recipes for homemade drinks. Remember that a balanced keto diet will include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the appropriate amounts. In order to keep your carbohydrate levels in the proper range, you should eat whole foods such as meats, cheeses, avocados, vegetables, and eggs. You should also steer clear of high-carb processed foods such as sandwiches, wraps, pastries, chips, and cookies.

Keto Options

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